Is the Ruger AR556 Any Good? [Full Review]

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    Subscribe to TNP for more videos like thisnNutnfancy stuff at: www.nutnfancy.bigcartel.comnnThis Ruger AR-556 AR-15 would have been on a non-recommend had I not taken it out again for additional're welcome Ruger.

    It had substantial problems early on and basically turned into a single shot rifle.

    However with a simple fix it became totally reliable.

    I give it a pass therefor and soldier on with a GRV on this much requested AR variation.

    nnYou see Ruger, as it often does, takes a look around of what is making money and wants a piece of the action.

    This is good for the consumer.

    That high value AR-15 "action" for years has been some high value and yet outstanding ARs like the S&W M&P15 Sport (

    That gun set standards of exactly what can be achieved at the $650 price point; it is amazingly accurate and reliable.nnThe Ruger AR-556 seems to follow suit, the reliability bobble not withstanding.

    The grey version shown is a distributor exclusive available at the dealer below.

    The AR-556 has some notable proprietary features I like.

    Ergos, quality levels, accuracy, BCG, and a lot more are covered in this GRV.

    I predict the AR556 to be a huge seller for Ruger and that they will come out with several more desirable versions as suggested in the video.nnUpdate 1/17: Users are reporting failures of the AR-556 aluminum gas block, loosening and material failures.nnNutnfancy Likability Scale: 2.5 of 5nnGunnies Western Wear in Orem UT loaned the clothes and other items for this review, look them up!nnCasio Dive Watch, only $70! Mdl MTD1079:

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